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“Il Feudo” Golf Club: golf lovers will be happy to know that Tenuta Polledro is less than 1 km far from “Il Feudo”, one of the most important golf clubs in Northern Italy.

The” Feudo Asti” Golf Club offers special rates for our guests:
• Green Fees 18 holes weekdays € 36.00 (official rate € 45.00)
• Summer Green Fees 18 holes € 56,00 (official rate € 70.00)
• 50% green fee reduction for junior players under 18
• Green Fee free for the Presidents of other clubs, Pros and Captains

“Città di Asti” Golf Club: this golf club is a good alternative for all players who are searching for a less challenging technical level in a relaxing environment.

The town of Asti:
Asti’s millenary history is everywhere, in its towers, churches and 18th century buildings. Its urban planning still shows the typical star-shaped layout of the ancient Communes.
Broken towers dominating palaces of different periods alternate with buttresses and unpretentious houses.
Asti is a town to discover and get to know. It boasts precious underground monuments, like S. Anastasio’s crypt, fired-clay brick buildings and beautiful churches like the Cathedral.
You can walk down its narrow streets leading to squares which are meeting points where people can chat, go to the theatre or listen to some music. The atmosphere of this town is rather nostalgic and confidential, and the feelings it produces are perfectly interpreted by the Italian songwriter Paolo Conte.
Every year, on the third Sunday of September, its medieval traditions are celebrated with a historic pageant with over 1200 characters in medieval costumes and with the Palio di Asti, taking place in Piazza Alfieri (Alfieri Square).
Enjoy a nice stroll along Asti’s old streets!

Touring by bicycle around Asti: from the hills in the northern part of the province of Asti, offering extraordinary valley and ridge tracks, you can admire its famous vineyards and its beautiful Romanesque churches. If you want to fully enjoy some steep tracks, you’d better be a trained cyclist!

Castelli Aperti (Open castles): it is an initiative that opens to the public historical residences dominating numerous Piedmontese villages. From Tenuta Polledro you can go on short excursions to places of historic and architectural interest.

Romanesque route: the area included between Po and Tanaro rivers is full of Romanesque churches. Some of them enjoy a hilly location, others are hidden within vegetation or in cemeteries. During the Middle Ages they were village churches and daily meeting points for people. As time went by, they lost their original function and became cemetery or country churches, though still exerting a fascination of their own. Most of them are situated in the northern part of the province of Asti and are easily reachable from Asti and Turin. They feature warm colours alternating the red of fired clay with the yellow of tuff. Either big and isolated or small and intimate, these churches dominate a landscape of harmonious chromatic combinations.
The biggest and most famous church is the Canonica di Santa Maria di Vezzolano, an important monastery situated in a small valley not far from the municipality of Albugnano. Other churches are more unpretentious: they are fascinating buildings immersed in the quiet of beautiful vineyards patiently cultivated by locals.
Among others:

Wine road:

Case Grotta di Mombarone (cave houses in Mombarone): very typical of this area is the construction of “cave houses” which were dug into the sandy terrain of the hills and populated from the XIII to the first half of the XIX century. The facade of these cave houses named croutin was often covered by a layer of bricks, with doors and windows, and the interior was instead decorated with lime.
A development project for this area has been launched in order to promote its interesting itineraries.